VXi BlueParrott B250-XT

VXi BlueParrott B250-XT manuál (návod)

  • Turn Headset On: Hold down the MFB for 2-3 seconds
    until you hear 2 rising tones. The red light will ash
    once every second.
    Standby Mode: After the headset is turned on, it will
    attempt to connect to the last device that it was paired
    with, putting itself into standby mode. The headset can
    also be put into standby mode with a quick press and
    release of the MFB. The blue light will ash indicating
    an active Bluetooth link.
    Turn Headset Off (conserves battery power): Hold
    down the MFB for 2-3 seconds until you hear 2 falling
    tones. A red light will ash 4 times and the headset will
    turn off.
    Position microphone near corner of your mouth.
    Correct positioning ensures that the noise
    cancellation technology works properly. Slight
    adjustment of the microphone may help to achieve
    optimum performance.
    Volume Increase: Quickly press and release the Volume
    Up/Mute button. Repeat until desired volume is attained.
    Volume Decrease: Quickly press and release the Volume
    Down button. Repeat until desired volume is attained.
    Microphone Mute/Un-Mute: Hold down the Volume Up/
    Mute button for 2 seconds until you hear a beep. A mute
    reminder beep will be heard every 10 seconds.
    Repeat to un-mute.
    Multifunction Button (MFB)
    & Indicator Lights
    Volume Up
    & Microphone Mute
    Volume Down
    After the initial 12 hour charge, the indicator lights will
    indicate the level of battery power as follows.
    Green light: Fully charged. Up to 16 hours talk time.
    Green & red lights together: Approximately 60 seconds
    away from full charge.
    Red light: Less than a full charge.
    Select charger cord and
    plug it into the charger
    port on the headset.
    Charge for 12 full hours
    before rst use.
    Note: If you do not use your
    headset for a long period of
    time, you should repeat this
    hour charge.
    AC Charger
    DC Charger
    1 - Safety Instructions / Glossary
    2 - Charge the Headset
    3 - Battery Power Indicators
    4 - Headset Controls
    5 - On / Standby / Off
    6 - Pair Headset with the Phone
    7 - Microphone Positioning
    8 - Make a Call / End a Call
    9 - Answer a Call / End a Call
    10 - Pairing with a Computer
    11 - Operation While Using the Charger/Adapter
    12 - Last Number Redial
    12- Reject a Call
    13 - Voice Dial
    13 - Transfer Audio
    14- Turn Headset Indicator Lights Off/On
    14- Automatic Bluetooth Connection
    15- Multiple Device Pairing
    16- Reset Paired Devices List
    17- Specications
    Keep charger plugged into headset when not in use to
    avoid battery drain. It’s not necessary for the charger to
    be plugged into a power source to take advantage of this.
    = Avoid hearing damage. Set volume at lowest comfortable level. If
    you experience ringing in your ears or people sound mufed, stop using
    the headset. Avoid turning up volume to block noisy surroundings (it’s
    possible to adapt to volume that is too high).
    = Check with local and state laws regarding cell phone handset usage
    while operating a motor vehicle.
    = Replace only with same or equivalent battery.
    = Dispose of batteries according to local regulations.
    = Do not throw batteries in a re, as they could explode.
    = Do not immerse any part of this product in water.
    = Plastic bags and small parts may cause choking if ingested. Keep
    them away from small children and pets.
    = Use only the power cords included with this product.
    = Avoid temperatures exceeding 140°F (will cause equipment failure).
    Paired- Two Bluetooth devices agree to communicate with one another.
    On - Headset is on but there is no connection to the phone (red light will
    Standby Mode - Headset is on, Bluetooth link is active, the user is not
    on a call (blue light will ash).
    Talk Mode- Headset is being used with the cell phone while the cell
    phone is on an active call.
    1. Turn headset off (panel 5).
    2. Hold down the headset’s MFB until the red and blue lights
    ash and you hear 2 rising tones, followed by 4 more tones.
    Important: Wait for all tones and for both lights to ash. This
    may take up to 15 sec. Release the MFB.
    3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for putting your
    cellular phone into Bluetooth discovery mode.
    4. Wait 5-15 sec. while the devices discover each other.
    When the phone discovers the headset, select “Pair” and
    enter a passcode of 0000 when instructed. When pairing
    is complete the headset’s blue light will stop ashing and
    the phone will prompt you to ‘connect’ to the headset.
    Enter “Yes” on the phone to connect to the headset. When
    connected, the blue light will ash indicating that the
    headset is in standby mode ready to receive a call.
    Keep headset & phone no less than 3 inches and no more than
    3 feet apart while pairing. Keep other Bluetooth devices at
    least 50 ft. away or turn them off. Note: The headset can be
    paired with up to 3 different devices.
    If you have not paired the headset and phone together yet, you
    must do so (panel 6).
    1. Turn on your cell phone. Be sure the Bluetooth option is
    enabled on your phone (refer to your phone’s user guide for
    2. Put headset on and properly position the microphone
    (panel 7). To turn headset on press MFB for 2-3 seconds.
    The headset will automatically attempt to connect with the
    last device it was paired or connected with. Once connected,
    the headset will enter standby mode.
    3. Dial the phone and make a call as usual.
    4. To end call, quickly press the MFB on the headset and
    release. You will hear 2 falling tones; the call will end and
    the headset will enter standby mode.
    In order to answer a call, the headset must be in
    standby mode (panel 5).
    1. Put headset on. Position the microphone (panel 7).
    2. When your cell phone rings, you will hear ring tones
    in the headset. Answer the call by quickly pressing the
    headset’s MFB and release.
    3. To end the call, quickly press the MFB on the
    headset and release. You will hear 2 falling tones; the
    call will end and the headset will enter standby mode.
    Indicator Lights
    Keep headset & computer no less than 3 inches and no more
    than 3 feet apart while pairing. Keep all other Bluetooth
    devices at least 50 ft. away or turn them off.
    1. Turn headset off (panel 5).
    2. Open the computers Bluetooth connection manager.
    3. Put headset into pairing mode (Panel 6- Step 2).
    4. Instruct Bluetooth connection manager application to discover
    Bluetooth device. Enter passcode 0000 when prompted.
    5. Wait 5-15 seconds while the devices discover each other.
    The headset’s blue light will stop ashing and the red light
    will continue to ash. After pairing is complete, the Bluetooth
    computer will ‘ring’ the headset. Press and release the MFB
    once to establish a Bluetooth link to the computer. Press and
    release the MFB again to disconnect from the computer.
    Once paired, connection can be made by pressing the volume
    down button for 1-2 seconds. Tones will be heard and a
    connection should be established.
    The B250-XT headset will operate from battery power or
    from the AC or DC charger/adapter.
    Note: Do not attach the charger mid-call. This causes the
    headset to turn off (call will not be lost).
    When the headset is operating from the battery, all indicator
    lights and sounds will function as described in this guide.
    When the headset is operating from the charger/adapter,
    the headset, including the audio indicators will function as
    described in this user guide. However the MFB lights will
    indicate the battery charge status (see Panel 3).
    After the battery is fully charged, the MFB charge light
    will turn and stay green as long as the charger/adapter
    is connected to the headset. While the headset is fully
    charged and the charge light is green, the blue indicator
    light will also be on if the headset is powered on.
    For best performance, keep charging headset when not in use.
    Failure to charge
    less than 12 hours
    may result in shorter
    talk time.
VXi BlueParrott B250-XT

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Specifikace VXi BlueParrott B250-XT

Značka VXi
Model BlueParrott B250-XT
Produkt Sluchátka
EAN 607972027204, 6079720272046
Jazyk Engels
Typ souboru PDF
Doporučené použití Kancelář / call centrum
Typ sluchátek Monofonní
Styl nošení Přes hlavu
Barva Černá
Typ produktu Sluchátka s mikrofonem
Typ sluchátek Na uši
Akustický systém Otevřený
Frekvence sluchátek - Hz
Impedance - ohm
Typ magnetu -
Frekvence mikrofonu - Hz
Potlačení šumu Ano
Ztlumení mikrofonu Ano
Typ mikrofonu Boom
Doba hovoru 16 h
Doba v pohotovostním režimu 150 h
Obsah balení
Nabíječka Ano
Možnosti připojení
Technologie propojení Bezdrátový
Bluetooth Ano

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