Oregon Scientific PE326CA

Oregon Scientific PE326CA manuál (návod)

  • 1. Press DIST until the stride length is viewed on the top line
    of the display.
    2. Insert a thin blunt object into HR / + to increase or MIN
    / - to decrease stride length (30 to 150 cm or 11 to 60
    If no changes are made to the Stride function, the unit
    automatically returns to clock display after 5 seconds.
    NOTE Individual stride-length varies. Input an appropriate
    length for an average stride. To determine length of stride
    walk 10 paces and divide distance traveled by 10.
    Precise calories burned calculations require taking many
    factors into account. The PE326CA uses body weight and
    the number of steps taken to give a good estimate.
    1. Press CALO until the body weight is viewed on the top
    line of the display.
    2. Insert a thin blunt object into HR / + or MIN / - to increase
    or decrease body weight setting (65 to 340 lbs or 30 to
    150 kg)*.
    The unit automatically returns to clock display after 5
    Follow these important procedures to adjust the Motion
    Sensitivity and ensure accurate readings:
    1. Correctly position and attach the unit to a belt or
    2. Reset step counter to zero.
    3. Walk at a normal pace; take at least 100 steps.
    4. Adjust sensitivity switch if walking speed changes.
    Repeat steps 2-4 until accurate reading is obtained.
    The following conditions may cause incorrect reading
    of steps taken:
    1. Uneven walking pace, such as walking in crowded areas
    2. Frequent up and down movements, such as standing up
    and/or sitting down; running, jumping, going up and down
    stairs etc.
    Press CALO when the unit is in clock/calorie display or press
    DIST when it’s in clock/distance display.
    Press DIST when the unit is in clock/calorie display.
    Press CALO when the unit is in clock/distance display.
    To reset the values, press RESET in any clock display.
    NOTE The total distance and calories burned will be cleared
    along with the total steps.
               
    walk 10,000 steps to burn approximately 300 calories. The
    following diagram will give you some basic reference to the
    calorie consumption for people of various weights.
    This product is designed to give you years of service if
    handled properly. Observe the following guidelines:
    Clean the unit with a slightly damp cloth and mild
    Never immerse the unit in water. This can cause electrical
    shock and damage the unit.
    Do not subject the main unit to extreme force, shock, or
    Do not tamper with the internal components. Doing so
    will terminate the unit’s warranty and may cause damage.
    The unit contains no user-serviceable parts.
    Do not mix new and old batteries or batteries of different
    Do not use rechargeable batteries with this product.
    Remove the batteries if storing this product for a long
    period of time.
    Do not scratch the LCD.
    Read this instruction manual thoroughly before operating
    the unit.
    Do not dispose this product as unsorted municipal waste.
    Collection of such waste separately for special treatment
    is necessary.
    are subject to change without further notice. Images not
    drawn to scale. The manufacturer and its suppliers hold no
    responsibility to you or any other person for any damage
             
    using this product.
    Step counter 0 to 99,999 steps
    Distance traveled 0 to 999.99 km
    (0 to 999.99 miles)*
    Stride distance 30 to 150 cm
    (11 to 60 inches)*
    Calorie display 0.1 to 9999.9 kcal
    Body weight range 30 to 150 kg
    (65 lbs to 340 lbs)*
    Operating temp -10 to 40 °C (14 to 104 °F)
    Storage temp -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)
    Batteries 2 x LR43 1.5V
    Battery life 1 year
    Product size 64 x 30 x 40 mm
    (L x W x H) (2.52 x 1.18 x 1.58 inches)
    Weight 29.4 g (1.04 ounces)
    NOTE *Imperial units of measure are used on US models
    only and metric units of measure are used on EU / UK
    models only.
    Visit our website () to learn more
           
    MP3 players; children’s electronic learning products and
    stations; and digital and conference phones. The website
    also includes contact information for our Customer Care
    department in case you need to reach us, as well as
    frequently asked questions and customer downloads.
         
    website, however if you’re in the US and would like to contact
        
    please visit:
    Call 1-800-853-8883.
    For international inquiries, please visit:
    Hereby,  , declares that this Pedometer
    with Calorie Counter (model PE326CA) is in compliance with
    EMC directive 89/336/CE. A copy of the signed and dated
    Declaration of Conformity is available on request via our
    Pedometer with Calorie Counter
    Model: PE326CA
       
    Keep this manual handy as you use your new product. It
    contains practical step-by-step instructions as well as
          
    1. COVER RELEASE: Press to open protective cover
    2. Battery compartment
    1. CALO: Calorie measurement and weight display mode
    2. DIST: Total distance and stride length display mode
    : Turns backlight on
    4. Motion Sensitivity Switch: Increases or decreases unit
    5. RESET: Resets display mode values to zero
    6. HR / +: Changes clock hour digits; increases personal
    weight and stride length values
    7. MIN / -: Changes clock minute digits; decreases personal
    weight and stride length values
    8. Belt clip
    1. PM for 12 hour format
    2. Stride in Cm or Inches*
    3. Weight in Kg / Lbs*
    4. Distance in Km or Mile*
    5. Displays when calories are shown
    NOTE *Imperial units of measure are used on US models
    only and metric units of measure are used on EU / UK
    models only.
    Before using the device, pull out the insulation tape
    underneath the battery cover.
    NOTE The unit will not work until the tape is pulled out.
    To change the batteries:
    1. Gently press and pull the battery compartment door.
    2. Insert 2 x LR43 size 1.5V batteries or equivalent.
    3. Replace the battery compartment door.
    NOTE Protect the environment by taking exhausted
    batteries to authorized disposal stations.
    To open the cover:
    Holding the pedometer upright, grasp the clip with one hand
    and press the COVER RELEASE button with the other.
    Insert a thin blunt object into HR / + or MIN / - to alter the
    clock time.
    NOTE The unit automatically returns to clock display after
    5 seconds.
    Total distance = steps taken x average step length. For
    greater accuracy, it is recommended that a personal stride-
    length is set.
    If unit shows more
    steps than actual
    number of steps taken,
    slide switch toward “-”.
    If unit shows fewer
    steps than actual
    number of steps taken,
    slide switch toward “+” .
Oregon Scientific PE326CA

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Specifikace Oregon Scientific PE326CA

Značka Oregon Scientific
Model PE326CA
Produkt Krokoměr
EAN 734811405289
Jazyk Angličtina, Holandský, Němčina, Francouzština, Španělština, Italština, Portugalština, Arabština
Typ souboru PDF
Technické detaily
Typ krokoměru Elektronický
Maximální počet kroků 99999
Úprava délky kroku
Funkce hodin
Paměťová funkce
Zabudované měření vzdálenosti
Displej LCD
Typ baterie LR44
Počet baterií 2
Barva Černá
Hmotnost a rozměry
Šířka 25
Hloubka 125
Výška 15
Hmotnost -

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