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5.1ch Home Theater Speaker Package


Y1203-3SN 29400527B
(C) Copyright 2012 Onkyo Sound & Vision Corporation Japan. All rights reserved.
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Non-magnetic shielding.
The Auto Standby function turns the subwoofer on when the input signal exceeds a certain
level. If the Auto Standby function does not work reliably, try slightly increasing or
decreasing the subwoofer output level on your receiver.
If the Standby/On indicator lights (both red and blue LEDs) several seconds or minutes
after the sound output stopped, this means that the amp protection circuit has been acti-
vated. In this case, set the OUTPUT LEVEL control to the center position, and disconnect
the power cord from the AC outlet. Wait at least 10 seconds, and then reconnect the power
cord. If that doesn’t solve the issue, contact your Onkyo dealer.
Setting the Subwoofer LevelTo set the level of the subwoofer, use the OUTPUT LEVEL control. Set it so that bass sounds are evenly balanced with the treble sounds from the other speakers. Because our ears are less sensitive to very low bass sounds, there’s a temptation to set the level of the sub-woofer too high. As a rule of thumb, set the subwoofer level to what you think is the optimal level, and then back it off slightly.Using the Floor Pads for SubwooferIf the subwoofer is placed on a hard floor (wood, vinyl, tile, etc.) and playback is very loud, the subwoofer’s feet may damage the flooring. To prevent this, place the supplied pads underneath the subwoofer’s feet. The pads also provide a stable base for the subwoofer.Powered subwoofer (SKW-501E)
RCA cable 3.0 m
4 floor pads
STANDBY/ON indicator
Red: Subwoofer in standby mode
Blue: Subwoofer on
With the Auto Standby function, the SKW-501E
automatically turns on when an input signal is
detected in Standby mode. When there’s no
input signal for a while, the SKW-501E automat-
ically enters Standby mode.
POWER switch
Press this switch to the ON position to turn on
the power. Press it to the OFF position to turn off
the power.
This control is used to adjust the volume of the
This RCA input should be connected to the
subwoofer pre out on your AV receiver with
supplied RCA cable.
To AC outlet

Enjoying Home Theater

The Home Theater means that you can enjoy surround sound with a real sense of movement in your own home — just like being in
a movie theater or concert hall.

Connecting the Speakers

f cab
ab Front left and right speakers (SKF-528)
They should be positioned facing the listener at about ear level, and equally
spaced from the TV. Angle them inward slightly so as to create a triangle, with
the listener at the apex.
c Center speaker (SKC-528)
Position it close to your TV (preferably on top) facing forward at about ear
level, or at the same height as the front left and right speakers.
de Surround left and right speakers (SKR-528)
Position them at the sides of the listener, or slightly behind, about 60 to 100 cm
above ear level. Ideally they should be equally spaced from the listener.
f Subwoofer (SKW-501E)
The subwoofer handles the bass sounds of the LFE (Low-Frequency Effects)
channel. The volume and quality of the bass output from your subwoofer will
depend on its position, the shape of your listening room, and your listening
position. In general, a good bass sound can be obtained by installing the sub-
woofer in a front corner, or at one-third the way along the front wall, as shown.
1/3 of wall
Front right
Center speaker
Front left
Surround right
Surround left
Speaker Connection PrecautionsRead the following before connecting your speakers:• Turn off your receiver before making any connections.• Pay close attention to speaker wiring polarity. Connect posi-tive (+) terminals to only pos-itive (+) terminals, and negative (–) terminals to only negative (–) terminals. If the speakers are wired incor-rectly, the sound will be out of phase and will sound unnatural.• Be careful not to short the positive and negative wires. Doing so may damage your amp.
With other audio-video components, connect
the subwoofer’s LINE INPUT to the subwoofer
pre out jack of your equipment. Never plug any
kind of musical instrument to the subwoofer.
Using the supplied RCA cable,
connect the subwoofer’s LINE
INPUT to your AV receiver’s PRE


Powered Subwoofer (SKW-501E)Front Speakers (SKF-528)Center Speaker (SKC-528)Surround Speakers (SKR-528)Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.
Type Bass-reflex
Rated output Power (IEC) 80 watts minimum continuous power,
4 ohms, driven at 100 Hz with a
maximum total harmonic distortion of
Input sensitivity/impedance 410 mV / 20 k
Frequency response 27 Hz to 150 Hz
Cabinet capacity 24.5 L (0.865 cubic feet)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 230 mm × 425 mm × 412 mm
(9-1/16" × 16-3/4" × 16-1/4")
(incl. grille and projection)
Weight 9.1 kg (20.1 lbs)
Drivers unit 20 cm (8") Cone Woofer
Power supply AC 220 – 240V
50/60 Hz
Power consumption 105 W
Other Auto Standby function
Type Full Range Bass-reflex
Impedance 6
Maximum input power 120 W
Output sound pressure level 81 dB/W/m
Frequency response 80 Hz to 20 kHz
Cabinet capacity 1.1 L (0.039 cubic feet)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 101 mm × 175 mm × 116 mm
(4" × 6-7/8" × 4-9/16")
(incl. grille and projection)
Weight 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)
Drivers unit 8 cm (3-1/4") Cone
Termi n al Spring type color coded
Keyhole slot 1
Grille Fixed
Other Magnetic shielding
Type Full Range Bass-reflex
Impedance 6
Maximum input power 120 W
Output sound pressure level 82 dB/W/m
Frequency response 80 Hz to 20 kHz
Cabinet capacity 1.8 L (0.064 cubic feet)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 273 mm × 101 mm × 106 mm
(10-3/4" × 4" × 4-3/16")
(incl. grille and projection)
Weight 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)
Drivers unit 8 cm (3-1/4") Cone
Terminal Spring type color coded
Keyhole slot 2
Grille Fixed
Other Magnetic shielding
Type Full Range Bass-reflex
Impedance 6
Maximum input power 120 W
Output sound pressure level 81 dB/W/m
Frequency response 80 Hz to 20 kHz
Cabinet capacity 1.1 L (0.039 cubic feet)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 101 mm × 175 mm × 116 mm
(4" × 6-7/8" × 4-9/16")
(incl. grille and projection)
Weight 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)
Drivers unit 8 cm (3-1/4") Cone
Terminal Spring type color coded
Keyhole slot 1
Grille Fixed
Wall MountingUsing the Rubber Stoppers for a More Stable Platform
Front speaker (SKF-528) Surround speaker (SKR-528) Center speaker (SKC-528)
Front speakers
Speaker cables 3.5 m
Surround speakers
Speaker cables 8.0 m
Center speaker
Speaker cable 3.0 m
For magnetic shielding.
Non-magnetic shielding.
Configuration of the rubber stoppers may be different from the figure, such
as being 2 sheets instead of 1 sheet, but the total number will be same.
16 thin rubber stoppers
12 thick rubber stoppers
• The front grilles are not designed to be removed so do not attempt to remove them forcibly, as this will damage them.To mount the front/surround speakers vertically, use the keyhole slot shown to hang each speaker on a screw that’s securely screwed into the wall.To mount the center speaker horizontally, use the two keyhole slots shown to hang each speaker on two screws that are securely screwed into the wall.
• A mounting screw’s ability to sup-port a speaker depends on how well it’s anchored to the wall. If you have hollow walls, screw each mounting screw into a stud. If there are no studs, or the walls are solid, use suitable wall anchors. Use screws with a head diameter of 9 mm or less and a shank diameter of 4 mm or less. With hollow walls, use a cable/pipe detector to check for any power cables or water pipes before making any holes. • Leave a gap of between 5 mm and 10 mm between the wall and the base of the screw head, as shown. (We recommend that you consult a home installation professional.)We recommend using the supplied rubber stoppers to achieve the best possible sound from your speakers. The rubber stoppers prevent the speakers from mov-ing, providing a more stable platform. Use thick stop-pers for the center speaker, and thin stoppers for the other speakers.
Speaker terminals
Keyhole slot
Speaker terminals
Keyhole slots
Keyhole slot for
wall mounting
Thick rubber
Keyhole slots for wall mounting
217 mm
Thick rubber
5 to 10 mm
Thin rubber stoppers
Bottom of the
Bottom of the
Bottom of the
55 mm
12 mm
Thick rubber stoppers
Onkyo SKS-HT528

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Specifikace Onkyo SKS-HT528

Značka Onkyo
Model SKS-HT528
Produkt Reproduktor
EAN 4961330032344
Jazyk Angličtina
Typ souboru PDF
RMS výkon 120 W
Zvukové výstupní kanály 5.1 kanály/kanálů
Barva Černá
Centrální reproduktor
Výkon centrálního reproduktoru 120 W
Typ středového reproduktoru -
Frekvenční pásmo centrálního reproduktoru 80 - 20000 Hz
Impedance centrálního reproduktoru 6 ohm
Hmotnost centrálního reproduktoru 900 g
Rozměry centrálního reproduktoru 230 x 102 x 113 mm
Satelitní reproduktory
Frekvenční pásmo satelitního reproduktoru 80 - 20000 Hz
Počet satelitů 4
Impedance satelitního reproduktoru 6 ohm
RMS výkon satelitních reproduktorů 120 W
Frekvenční pásmo subwooferu 27 - 150 Hz
RMS výkon subwooferu 150 W
Průměr subwooferu (imperiální) 7.9 "
Hmotnost subwooferu 9100 g
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