Nissin Power Pack PS300

Nissin Power Pack PS300 manuál (návod)

  • Nissin Power Pack PS-300 is an external
    power booster for an electronic flash.
    By using this Power Pack PS-300 together
    with the regular power source in the
    flash body, the recycle time to charge up
    is reduced to 1/4 compare to that with
    the regular power source only.
    Futhermore , the maximum number of
    flashes is increased significantly.
    Two power supply sockets are provided
    so that two flashes can be used together
    at the same time.
    Before using the Power Pack PS-300,
    please read this operation manual and
    refer your flash owner’s manual carefully
    to get a better understanding of proper
    operation to enjoy flash photography.
    Nissin supplies two kinds of power supply cable
    according to the design of its plug to be connected into
    the external power source service socket provided by
    respective flash models. Please pay attention to the
    following combination chat.
    This safety instruction refers important information to
    use the product safely and properly. Please read the
    following instructions before using the product.
    1. Do not shoot more than 20 continuous full
    power flashes, which may damage the flash
    circuit. Interrupt the shooting of flashes for 10
    to 15 minutes after such continuous shooting.
    2. When using one flash power supply cable only,
    the open socket is to be capped since it carries
    a high voltage at its contacts.
    3. This power pack is effective only when the
    flash unit is operational. Do not remove the
    batteries in the flash unit.
    4. For safety reason, the power pack can be
    switched on only when the flash power supply
    cable is plugged into the socket on the power
    pack main body.
    5. Using two flashes together requires more
    energy from the batteries and this may result in
    a longer recycle time than using one flash.
    6. The oscillating circuit is automatically switched
    off for safety protection when the power pack
    main body circuit is overheated. The flash is
    then charged by its own batteries in the flash
    unit only and the recycle time becomes longer.
    The oscillation is suspended to cool down the
    power pack main body circuit for about 4 to 5
    minutes and it returns to the normal operation
    Nissin Di866 Canon
    Canon 580EXII, 580EX, 550EX, MR-14EX
    and MT-24EX
    Cable with plug C for Canon type flash unit:
    Nissin Di866 Nikon
    Nikon SB900, SB800, SB80DX, SB28DX
    Cable with plug N for Nikon type flash unit:
    Power Pack Main Body
    Power Switch
    Power-on Indication
    Socket 1
    Socket 2
    Socket Cap
    Connect the power cable for AC adapter to the AC outlet
    and plug the other end to the AC adapter. (fig.1)
    Connect the AC adapter to the socket of the battery.
    A red lamp on the charger turns on and this indicates that
    charging has been started. (fig.2)
    The battery will be fully charged in about 4 hours.
    The red lamp turns green when the battery is charged up.
    Disconnect the socket of the battery from the charger.
    Remove the charger from the outlet when not in use.
    Connect the flash power supply cable to the Power Pack
    PS-300 and turn on the power switch.
    An indication lamp lights up green - orange - or red
    according to the power level set (fig.13).
    For quick recycling or for using two flashes together, the
    highest power level red(marked “Hi”) is recommended.
    To save the battery energy or to reduce the load of the flash
    capacitor, either low level green or medium level orange is
    Switch the flash on, and the ready lamp of the flash will
    light up within a second.
    A power indication lamp on the power pack is linked to the
    ready lamp of the
    flash; it goes off
    while the flash is
    charging, and it
    turns on when the
    flash becomes
    Turn the power switch off when not in use. In case that the
    power switch remains on for long, the battery may be
    damaged by over-discharge. Replace the battery in such a
    case by a new one.
    Be sure to use Nissin’s original battery.
    Make sure to switch off both the Power
    Pack and the flash unit.
    You can use two flashes together at the same time.
    Make sure to switch
    off the Power Pack
    Open the flap of the
    leatherette case and
    pull out the power
    pack main body
    from the case.
    Place the battery in
    the battery
    compartment and
    connects its plug to
    the socket of the
    power pack main
    body firmly.
    Use the compatible flash power supply cable for your flash.
    Hold the connector of the flash power supply cable in front of
    the socket with both
    guide marks on the
    connector and on the
    socket coinciding and
    insert it to the socket
    straight.You can plug
    the connector either to
    socket 1 or to socket 2.
    Cap the open socket
    with the socket cap
    strapped at the
    Return the power
    pack main body into
    the leatherette case
    and close the flap.
    Power Supply Cable
    Battery Compartment
    Leatherette Case
    Belt Holder
    AC Adapter and Power
    Cable for AC Adapter
    Thank you for purchasing
    a Nissin product
    This power pack contains high voltage electric parts. Do not
    try to open or rework the power pack. Keep the power pack
    away from small children.
    Do not touch inside parts from opening when the unit was
    broken, e.g. by downfall. Return it back to the repair service
    station or the store where you bought it.
    Do not use the power pack nearby flammable gas, chemicals
    or such liquids. It may cause fire or electric shock.
    Do not touch the power pack with wet hands. The power pack
    carries high voltage inside and it may cause an electric shock.
    Plug the battery firmly to the charger’s sockets. Plugging the
    battery loose may cause exothermic heat.
    Do not leave or store the power pack at temperature over
    40°C, such like in an automobile.
    The power pack is not water resistant. Keep it away from rain,
    snow and humidity. Do not use in wet places, such as
    bathrooms or in the rain.
    Do not use benzene, thinner or other alcoholic agents to clean
    the body and the leatherette case.
    Use Nissin’s original battery only. Do not use other batteries
    (battery cluster), otherwise it may damage the generator
    Since the power source is stronger than the regular battery
    source in the flash, repeated flash beyond the limit may
    damage the flash. Some flashes provide a special circuit to
    protect from overheat problem. Before using this power pack,
    read the safety instruction of the flash carefully and follow its
    This sign refers the danger or serious damage.
    This sign refers to a damage or defect.
    fi g .1
    Connect the plug at
    the other end of the
    power supply cable
    to the flash unit.
    Using one flash unit only
    These two flashes can be either same brand or the different
    brand mixed, as far as the power supply cable is compatible
    to those respective flashes. (fig.10)
    Switch off both the power pack and the flash. Hold
    the connector of
    the flash power
    supply cable as
    shown and pull it
    For connecting each of both cables, please follow the
    instruction as given above (fig.7) for one flash usit only.
    Connect the plug of each flash power supply cable to the
    corresponding flash unit (fig.9).
    Make sure the batteries are correctly inserted in the
    flash unit when
    using with
    Power Pack.
    Without battery
    in the flash, the
    flash does not
    The Power Pack PS-300 cannot be switched on if
    the flash power supply cable is not connected to
    the Power Pack.
    fi g .10
    fi g .12
    fi g .14
    fi g .13
    Using two flash units simultaneously
    Power source
    Battery life
    Charging time of
    Flash Power supply
    cable ( options )
    Flash recycle
    Number of flashes
    Dimensions (main body)
    NiMH battery – 7.2V/3,300mAh
    200 times of charge/discharge
    4 hours, approx.
    2 x DC 315V
    Type C or Type N
    Type C for Nissin Di866 model (Canon
    version) or Canon’s original flash with
    external power socket.
    Type N for Nissin Di866 model (Nikon
    version) or Nikon’s original flash with
    external power socket.
    1/4th of the recycle time by the regular
    batteries loaded in the flash unit.
    (e.g. approx. 0.7sec. for Nissin Di866,
    Canon EX580EX II, Nikon SB900)
    with switch position at “Hi”(lamp terns red)
    Note : No flash can be released, when
    batteries are not inserted in the flash unit.
    300 full flashes per charge
    110(W) x 200(H) x 35(D) mm / 4.3(W) x 7.8(H) x 1.3(D) inches
    980g with battery, w/o power supply cable.
    In case of the following reasons of a defect, the
    warrantee may be void. For details, please look up
    the respective condition on your warranty card
    because it may vary from country to country.
    1. The product has not been used in accordance with
    the instruction of the owner's manual.
    2. The product is been repaired or modified by
    somebody else but an authorized repair service.
    3. The product has been used with the flash unit not
    applicable (not compatible).
    4. Fault or defect has been caused by fire,
    earthquake, flood, public pollution and such
    natural disaster.
    5. The product has been stored or use in moisture,
    dust, extremely high temperature or such poor
    6. Scratch, blemish, crush or other sign of wear by a
    violently use or treatment.
    7. Guarantee card without dealer’s name and
    address, without date of purchase and dealer’s
    stamp, or no guarantee card at all.
    Nissin Japan Ltd.,
    Nissin Marketing Ltd.,
    for CANON
    Type C Power Supply Cable Type N Power Supply Cable
    for NIKON
    f i g .11
    Orange(medium) Red(high)
    Power Pack PS-300
    External Power Booster for an Electronic Flash Unit
    Design And Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice
    With your Power Pack PS-300 you have received one
    cable of the desired kind of your flash unit. If you need
    another one or two cables of the other kind, you can
    purchase them from your dealer seperately.
Nissin Power Pack PS300

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