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    User manual Caress Observer
    User ManualImportant!
    Ø = 20–28mm
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    Congratulations on purchasing the Hamax Observer bicycle child seat.
    You now have a comfortable and safe child seat that can be adjusted to fit
    your child as she/he grows.
    Please read the instructions carefully before assembling or using the child seat.
    Keep these instructions in a safe place as they will be useful if you later
    buy extra equipment for your child seat.
    • The Observer can only be mounted on bicycles
    with a handlebar stem from 20 to 28 mm. in
    On some bicycles the height and angle of the
    handlebars needs to be adjusted or the
    handlebar or steering column replaced before
    the seat can fitted securely. See the
    guidelines in the mounting instructions.
    • The seat should only be mounted on a bicycle
    which is suitable for this kind of load. Please
    ask your bicycle supplier for detailed advice.
    • The mounting bracket bolts must be tightened
    hard enough to fix the seat securely and
    prevent it from sliding. Make it a rule to check
    this before starting a trip with the bike.
    For optimal comfort and safety of the child,
    ensure that the seat does not slope forwards,
    so that the child does not tend to slide out of it.
    Hamax recommend that the backrest should
    slope backwards slightly.
    Please check and make sure that all parts of
    the bike function correctly with the seat
    • To take a child on a bicycle, the rider must
    normally be over 16 years. Check your
    national laws and regulations.
    • The child seat is approved for children up to a
    maximum of 15 kg (33 lb) (about 3 years old).
    Ensure that you re-check from time to time
    that the child’s weight and size do not exceed
    the maximum capacity of the seat.
    Do not carry a child that is too young to sit
    safely in the seat. Carry only children that are
    able to sit unaided for a longer period of time,
    at least as long as the intended bicycle
    journey. Please observe the recommended
    minimum age. If you are uncertain, or the child
    is under one year of age, please consult a
    Ensure that it is not possible for any part of the
    child’s body or clothing to come into contact
    with any moving part of the seat or cycle.
    Check there are no sharp objects, such as split
    wires, on the bicycle that can harm the child.
    Always use the safety belt/restraint system,
    ensuring the child is restrained in the seat.
    Ensure that the restraint system is not loose
    or able to become trapped in any moving
    parts particularly the wheels, including when
    the cycle is ridden without a child in the seat.
    Always use the footrest straps
    A child sitting in a child seat should be dressed
    more warmly than the rider.
    • The child should be protected against rain
    with suitable waterproof garments.
    Remember to put the child’s helmet on before
    starting your bicycle trip.
    Remember that the child seat can get very hot
    standing out in the sunshine, so check the
    child seat before placing your child in it.
    When transporting the bicycle by car (outside
    the car) remove the seat. Air turbulence might
    damage the seat or loosen its fastenings to
    the cycle, which could result in an accident.
    Always make sure that child’s clothing or body
    parts do not come into contact with any
    moving parts of the cycle. This must be re-
    checked continuously as the child grows.
    Moving parts that must be checked include
    wheels and brake wires.
    Ensure that the movability of the handlebar is
    not reduced after mounting the seat.
    Should the steering angle to each side be
    reduced to less than 45° after mounting the
    seat, then the handlebar must be changed.
    Warning: Do not attach extra luggage or
    equipment to the child seat, as this could lead
    to the total load exceeding 15 kg (33 lb). We
    recommend that extra luggage is attached at
    the back of the bicycle.
    Warning: Do not modify the child seat. This will
    automatically invalidate the guarantee and the
    manufacturer’s product liability will lapse.
    Warning: Be aware that the load of a child in
    the child seat may alter the bicycle’s stability
    and handling characteristics, particularly
    when steering and braking.
    Warning: Never leave the bicycle parked with
    a child in the seat unattended.
    Warning: Do not use the seat if any parts are
    Warning: The turning radius will be always be
    limited when using a front seat. Be aware of
    this when you set off.
    Warning: The Observer is not suitable for use
    on a moped or motorcycle.
    Warning: Never leave the child in a carrier
    with the bicycle supported only by a
    Warning: Never ride in inclement or hazardous
    Warning: Never ride the bicycle at night
    without adequate lighting.
    Warning: Front mounted seats reduce the
    steerability of the bicycle
    When cleaning the seat, use only lukewarm
    soapy water.
    If the child seat is involved in an accident or
    are damaged, contact your dealer to check
    that it can still be used. Damaged parts must
    always be replaced. Contact your dealer if
    you are not sure how to fit the new parts.
    Tip! With an extra bracket you can easily move
    one seat between two bicycles.
    We wish you and your child many enjoyable
    bicycle trips with your Hamax child seat!
    Best regards from us at Hamax.
    Caress Observer
Hamax Caress Observer

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